Love Christensen

Love Christensen

Postdoctoral Researcher in Political Science

Aarhus University


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University. I defended my PhD in political science at the University of Gothenburg early 2022.

I do theoretically driven research at the intersection of political economy, political behavior and political psychology. In particular, I am interested in issues in political information and strategic communication.

My research focuses on two main questions. How do (and should) voters form preferences and beliefs about politicians, parties and policies? And how does this, in turn, affect the behavior of political actors?

I study this using formal models, experiments and quasi-experiments. I also do work where I study scientific research itself from a political information perspective.


  • Behavioral political economy

  • Political information

  • Applied formal theory

  • Experimental research


  • PhD in Political Science

    University of Gothenburg

  • MA in Political Science

    University of Mannheim

  • BSc in Political Science and Economics

    University of Gothenburg